New Sports Hall in Anton Skala School to be built soon


Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia, Ambassador Sem Fabrizi and Minister of Sport and Youth Vanja Udovicic visited the construction of a sports-therapeutic hall at the Anton Skala Elementary School in Belgrade.

The tour of the works in the school symbolically marked the beginning of the project construction, renovation and rehabilitation of sports facilities (swimming pools, school sports, and other facilities), funded by the European Union, and carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. These investments will provide better conditions for sports and at the same time educational activities.

During the visit to the school, Ambassador Fabrizi and Minister Vanja Udovicic, with the school management and students, viewed an exhibition of children artworks on the theme “Playground of my dreams”, and then, symbolically, these works were stored in the foundation of the hall under construction in a time capsule. The new sports-therapeutic hall will improve the motor development program as of autumn, which is a prerequisite for the development of speech among students of this school.

The Delegation of the European Union to Serbia is continuously investing in education, youth, and sport.

“Physical activity is very important for all ages and has a positive effect on both the health of the body and mental health. That is why I am pleased that this hall is only one of 24 buildings covered by an EU funded project worth 4.23 million euros. In addition to the sports halls, the project included outdoor and indoor pools, basketball and football fields, as well as multi-purpose rooms that will be accessible to all citizens. Work is ongoing, well underway, and we believe that as of September, newly constructed and renovated facilities in 22 municipalities in Serbia will be accessible to citizens, ”said Ambassador Fabrizi.

“The Physical Education Hall with a therapeutic block is a project of great importance, not only for current students but also for former students. They are participants and winners of the Special Olympics awards and we are happy to be able to train again in much better conditions at their school. Playing sports in addition to its many benefits affirms them as equal participants from all walks of life. Our professional commitment implies patience, we have been patient for almost 60 years and have welcomed the realization of the Dream Room of Our Dreams, ”said school principal Natasa Selic Stankovic.

Sport is part of the national identity of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia, and with the realization of this investment, playing sports will be more accessible to many of them. The project will contribute to the achievement of the goals covered by the Sports Development Strategy in the Republic of Serbia implemented by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“Our children, students of this school, will receive a modernly equipped gym with all the facilities and facilities for psychomotor activities and physiotherapy. The whole facility was designed in accordance with the functional needs of the students of this school. The goal of all of us is to guide our children on the right path, motivate them with the right values ​​and turn to a sporting lifestyle, ”said Minister Udovicic.



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