Mobile phone users in the Western Balkans region will have reduced data charges when they are in European Union countries thanks to the start of the Roam like at home agreement from October 1st this year.

In December 2022, 38 telecommunication operators from the EU and the Western Balkans agreed to lower data roaming prices. This agreement has now come into effect, which means that data roaming between the Western Balkans and the EU has become more affordable for both citizens and businesses in these regions. The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and the European Commission have supported this process.


These operators voluntarily committed to reducing the gap between data roaming and domestic fees when traveling between the EU and the Western Balkans in both directions. The initial reductions in prices are currently being implemented by the participating telecom operators. Many of them are offering packages with prices well below the agreed maximum limits, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers. Further reductions are planned for 2026, following the agreed glide path, with the goal of making data roaming prices close to domestic prices by 2028.

Telecommunication operators from both the EU and the Western Balkans are encouraged to join this initiative.

RCC Secretary General Majlinda Bregu published Op-ed on beginning of reduction of mobile data costs between the European Union and Western Balkans.

“It is a real change for both citizens from this region and our beloved ones living in the EU. It empowers both EU and WB citizens to bridge distances; it represents a profound shift in the way we connect with Europe. It is part of a thread intricately woven into the fabric of the Europeanisation of our countries”, Bregu writes.