Popović family

“We are thrilled we can finally take a break and after almost two years, sleep in clean, warm and almost new house” says Dragoljub Popović from Obrenovac who is one of the first 124  beneficiaries in Obrenovac whose house was reconstructed under the EU for flood relief programme.

“My pension is 18.000 dinars and with that we can barely afford to pay the bills and buy food, let alone reconstruct our flooded home. Now everything is fixed, we have new bathroom, walls in whole house are painted, new floors and new windows and doors. We couldn’t be more grateful for this help” say Dragoljub.

Marković family

Family Marković is a four member household. Milica Marković (66) lives with her grandchildren Dragan (23) and Marina (25) and Dragan’s daughter. Milica has suffered a stroke several years ago and can barely walk, while Dragan is a single parent without any income. Family lives only from Milica’s modest pension of 100 Euros and that is not enough to cover all medical expenses and food for her grandchildren.

Marković family received state help for their flood affected home but that wasn’t enough to fully rehabilitate their house. After received EU support and commencement of all works, family is living in fully reconstructed home.

“I am grateful most because of my grandchildren. I am old and I my life wasn’t easy, but I am happy they have a warm and safe place to live in and raise their children and families” says Milica.

With the funds provided by the EU, 837 families in Obrenovac will receive reconstruction of their most severely damaged homes. Moreover, 25 prefabricated houses will be constructed and equipped with household appliances and furniture sets. Significant funds have also been allocated for assistance to 358 small enterprises and agriculture households through provision of grants in order to help them revitalize their affected businesses.

The EU support in reconstruction of individual housing objects to Obrenovac is realised by Arbeiter Samriter Bund (ASB), Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe (HELP). Throughout the EU programme, 4.500.000 Euros have been allocated for assistance to flood affected citizens of Obrenovac.