The EU Helps Children from the Shelter and Roma Families


The fight against coronavirus is being waged on several fronts – one of them involves caring for those who belong to vulnerable groups. Thus, the European Union, with the help of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), has determined 3,000 packages of food and hygiene products for vulnerable families and individuals throughout Serbia. Part of that help was given today to the Center for Integration of Youth, in the premises of the Shelter, and five Roma families also received packages.

The award ceremony was attended by the Head of the European Union Delegation to Serbia, Ambassador Sem Fabrizi, Igor Perić from the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Affairs, Marko Tošić from the Center for Youth Integration, and 16-year-old Laura – a beneficiary of the New Belgrade Shelter.

“This is not my first visit to shelters, but this is my first time and I am glad to see solidarity in action. The pandemic hit everything and brought us into a difficult situation, and for those who were already in an unenviable situation, now it is even harder and we need to help them. The European Union does not forget anyone,” said Ambassador Fabrizi.

He reminded that the EU has been supporting Roma families for years, in the desire to provide everyone with a roof over their heads, and every child with the opportunity to go to school.

“Children have the opportunity to stay here, they have little time for themselves, to be in contact with educators … That is why we should welcome their efforts. I thank the representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Affairs, as well as the great team of UNOPS, and many thanks to Laura “, concluded the Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia.

The representative of the Ministry, Igor Perić, thanked the European Union for the significant help.

“As a ministry, we are trying to raise the quality of life of every citizen and we are trying to have as many such projects as possible, with which we want to achieve that, and the European Union, as the largest donor in the Republic of Serbia, is wholeheartedly helping us.”

On behalf of CIM and the Shelter, Tošić thanked the EU and UNOPS.

“My gratitude is much greater than these packages. The long-term support of the EU is very important. So far, about 1,300 packages have been distributed, with the help of the EU and UNOPS. We really appreciate this help”

The user of the Shelter, 16-year-old Laura, said that she has been coming to the Shelter for 10 years, and that the support available to her is of great help.


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