“We care about Europe, we care about Serbia and its citizens – We are better together”, is the main message of the campaign in which the Ambassador of the European Union in Serbia and the ambassadors of the member states participate.

At the launch event of the campaign, Ambassador Giaufret and his colleagues hosted media representatives at the Residence of the European Union in Belgrade. The event was also attended by the Minister for European Integration Tanja Miščević, in the spirit of the partnership between Serbia and the EU, as well as proof of the continuation of Serbia’s European integration path.

The ambassadors stated that with this campaign they want to emphasise that they care about the citizens of Serbia, and about the same things as they do – successful agriculture, empowering companies, environment, ensuring better air quality, road infrastructure and connectivity, energy efficiency and support in overcoming the energy crisis, cultural heritage, rule of law, education and many other topics.

Ambassador Giaufret explained the motivation behind the launching of the campaign.

“Why do we have this campaign? You often see us in the media discussing political issues – such as the Dialogue between Belgrade and Priština or alignment with foreign policy. These are important topics, but sometimes we don’t explain why we invest so much energy and resources. The response is in the slogan of the campaign – We care about Serbia and its citizens – We are better together”, says Ambassador Giaufret.

Minister for European Integration Tanja Miščević stated that the campaign is a great and important promotion of the partnership between Serbia and the EU.

“A partnership in which Serbia not only receives financial, economic and development aid, but also learn European values and European standards. This campaign is an indicator of how everything looks positive in the end, through implemented projects, which are the result of such a partnership”, says Minister Miščević.

The Counsellor – Deputy Head of  Mission at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden, the country that currently holds the presidency of the European Union, Alexander Peyre Dutrey, addressed the attendees at the event, and said that during the current presidency of the EU, the priorities of Sweden are the green transition, circular economy and an attempt to correct the mistakes of the past.

“I am glad to be here, in good company, we hope for an interesting conversation and increased visibility of the campaign during this month. Ambassador of Sweden Annika Ben David, who participates in the campaign, recently visited Sremska Mitrovica, where she saw how metal, plastic and glass are separated. It is an important and concrete action to reduce pollution in Serbia”, says Peyre Dutrey.

This campaign is based on the idea of partnership, commitment and solidarity of the European Union and Serbia.

Through a series of videos, billboards and digital formats, the ambassadors present successful project through people throughout Serbia that have been financially supported by the European Union and its citizens. The fact that we are better together is presented through numerous examples of support, filmed in authentic locations.

The mission of the EU Delegation to Serbia is to ensure adequate representation of the EU in Serbia, to promote and protect the values and interests of the EU and its member states, as well as to monitor and support Serbia’s accession to the EU, among other things, by successfully implementing EU aid programs. The European Union is recognised as a political and economic union, but what we often forget is that the European Union is one big family of citizens of 27 member states. The European Union cares about its citizens, but also about the citizens of Serbia, which this campaign clearly conveys.

Because we all belong to the same European family, the European Union will continue to support the citizens of Serbia, because – WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER!