Six colours representing the flag of pride of the LGBT+ community illuminated the residence of European Union Ambassador to Serbia Emanuele Giaufret ahead of the scheduled Pride Parade in Belgrade.

One of the main mottos of the European Union is “United in diversity”, and in 2020 the European Commission adopted the LGBT+ Equality Strategy, showing its commitment to building a Union of Equality.

The EU also works to bring together member states and other actors at all levels to jointly solving discrimination against LGBT+ persons, ensuring their safety, building inclusive societies and insisting on equality around the world.

During Pride Week, the Ambassador of the European Union Emanuele Giaufret and the Deputy Ambassador Plamena Halacheva participated in several events organized by Pride organizers. Together, they attended the opening of Pride Week in Kalemegdan, and Deputy Ambassador Halacheva participated in the opening of the conference on human rights.

On the occasion of Belgrade Pride 2023, the embassies and representative offices of 25 countries and the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia issued a joint statement in which they emphasized their commitment to respecting, promoting and protecting human rights for all.

“We will continue to work with local LGBTIQ+ organizations to help this community take a legitimate place in society and ensure constructive debate when it comes to topics of equality, non-discrimination and human rights, including freedom of assembly and freedom of expression. These are universal rights. Regardless of where we are, who we are – or whom we love,” the joint statement of the embassies and representative offices states.