The European film festival, in cooperation with the EU info point Novi Sad and youth organization “Pact Ruthenorum”, is coming to Ruski Krstur. Screenings will be held on Friday, October 13, as well as one week later, at the same time.

The film screenings are free, and will take place in the premises of “Pact Ruthenorum” (Fruškogorska 57).

The films shown at this year’s European Film Festival deal with social justice, human and minority rights, family relations and more. At the festival, the audience has the opportunity to watch thrillers, comedies, fantasy, historical and romantic films. European cinematography is one of the most developed on the world cultural scene. The quality of the films and the artistic direction in terms of influence go beyond the borders of the continent.

The European Film Festival is part of the program of the European Union delegations around the world. Today, more than 90 Delegations of the European Union organise this festival, which transmits the culture of the countries that make up the European Union, its values and stories on a global level.

The caravan of the European Film Festival in Vojvodina has so far visited Bečej, Bačka Palanka, Sombor, and in addition to Vršac, film screenings will also be available in places such as Ruski Krstur, Apatin, Lukićevo and Novi Sad.

The films are part of the Cineuropa project, which the European Commission started in November 2018 to provide support in creating and improving the quality of European film festivals. The project is managed by a consortium formed by the Goethe Institute, the French Institute and Cineuropa, a portal for the promotion of European cinematography.