The theme of European Mobility Week this year is Save Energy.

Why is it important to conserve energy through sustainable urban mobility? Because energy and mobile poverty is on the rise due to the increased price of energy for the citizens and the economy throughout Europe. Meanwhile, managing public transport continues to be a major cost to city budgets – reducing this cost through energy-efficient transport will support affordable and sustainable transport infrastructure.

After Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine, it is crucial to reduce dependence on Russian oil and switch to sustainable energy sources, which will simultaneously move Europe towards a climate-neutral future by 2050.

Working together to reduce energy use has already had a positive impact on fuel savings and prices, but there is more to do! This year, we want to explore ways to make sure our mobility habits contribute to these collaborative efforts.

Every year, from September 16 to 22, European Mobility Week takes place, the European Commission’s flagship campaign to raise awareness of sustainable urban mobility.

During the week, nearly 3,000 cities and municipalities encourage behavioural changes in favour of active mobility, public transport and other clean, intelligent transport solutions by organising awareness-raising activities and events with local stakeholders. In Serbia, seven cities joined the campaign.

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European Mobility Week in Serbia