All data on the Population Census in Serbia, which will be held in October this year, will now be available on the website created by the Statistical Office.

The Census of Population, Households and Dwellings is, in terms of content and scope, the most massive and complex statistical survey that is conducted in almost all countries of the world, every ten years.

The Census provides complete and high-quality statistical data on the population, its age and gender structure, educational and marital structure, economic activity, the structure of households and families, and the housing stock.

The collected data are extremely important for the assessment of the current situation, as well as for future planning and adoption of various strategies, both at the national and local level.

Financial resources for the implementation of the 2022 Census of Population, Households and Dwellings were jointly provided by the Republic of Serbia and the European Union. The assistance is part of the EU project for Development of Statistics in Serbia. The total value of the project is EUR 29 million, of which the EU provided EUR 20 million.

As part of the assistance, the EU Delegation recently handed over 18 vehicles to the Statistical Office. Those vehicles will be used in this year’s census process.

“I have to emphasize that we receive aid from the EU continuously. We could not imagine the development of the information system without the help of the EU. I hope that we will continue this cooperation, which is very fruitful for us and we continuously emphasize that”, said the Director of the Statistical Office Milorad Kovačević.

The European Union’s support for the public administration reform in Serbia is worth over EUR 200 million, from 2000 to this day. The funds intended for public administration are used for the professionalization of administration, the development of electronic services, the management of public finance and the improvement of the work of local self-governments and independent institutions. Public administration reform is one of the most important elements of Serbia’s EU accession process, and in 2014 it was also placed at the forefront of the negotiations. A modern and professional public administration is a key element for every EU member state in order to effectively implement laws and manage EU funds transparently.