Затворени тендери 2018

Publication reference Project title Publication date Deadline for submission Status
EuropeAid/139710/DH/SER/RS Developing efficient and sustainable statistical system in line with European statistical system

15/06/2018 05/09/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/138439/DH/SER/RS Design of an efficient support system 112 for the Republic of Serbia

22/10/2016 19/03/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/139295/DH/SER/RS Policy and Legal Advice Center

31/10/2017 28/05/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/139264/DH/SER/RS Capacity building of relevant institutions under the Sector reform contract for Education Reform in Serbia – strengthening links with employment and social inclusion

13/10/2017 25/06/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/137461/DH/SUP/RS Mobile Flood Defense Equipment

21/08/2015 21/05/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/139660/DD/SUP/RS Audit and document handling software for the Audit Authority

26/04/2018 28/05/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/137374/DH/SUP/RS Equipment and vehicles

22/07/2015 03/05/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/138989/DH/SUP/RS Supply of video, audio and IT equipment for strengthening the capacity of the Internal Affairs Sector (IAS) of the Ministry of Interior

13/06/2017 21/05/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/139336/DH/SER/RS EU for Serbia – Continued support to implementation of Chapter 27 in the area of nature protection (NATURA)

18/11/2017 27/03/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/139317/DH/SER/RS EU FOR SERBIA – Improving Road Safety

07/11/2017 13/03/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/139294/DH/SER/RS Legal aid, assistance and dissemination of information necessary for ensuring the protection and exercising of rights of IDPs, refugees and returnees

31/10/2017 01/02/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/139199/DH/SER/RS Establishing and strengthening of capacities of the conformity assessment bodies for the implementation of Energy Labelling and Eco-design Directives

01/09/2017 09/03/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/139260/DH/SER/RS Evaluation and monitoring of the Sector reform contract for Education Reform in Serbia – strengthening links with employment and social inclusion

07/10/2017 30/01/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/139116/DH/SER/RS Study on modalities to include electricity from RES into the distribution network and smart grids

25/07/2017 15/01/2018 Closed

22/07/2017 19/02/2018 Closed
EuropeAid/138412/DH/SUP/RS Supply of equipment for Serbian Probation Offices

07/10/2016 02/02/2018 Closed