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  • Kako pristupiti fondovima Evropske unije?

Pristup fondovima Evropske unije ne zahteva posrednike. Sve relevantne informacije o projektima dostupne su na ovom sajtu i na sajtu Evropske komisije. Informacije o budućim projektima možete dobiti od Delegacije Evropske komisije u Republici Srbiji.

    To apply to calls for proposals under direct management (managed by Delegations), applicants must register in the PADOR online database, and submit applications in the PROSPECT online platform. The aim of PROSPECT is to increase the efficiency of the management of calls for proposals and to offer a better service to civil society organisations and applicants through a new panel of functionalities such as on-line submission and the possibility to follow up online the status of applications. For further information, please visit
Referenca publikacije Naziv projekta Datum objavljivanja Rok za dostavljanje Status
NEAR/BEG/2021/EA-OP/0013 EU for Serbia – Serbian Palace of Justice in Novi Sad 11/02/2021 05/05/2021 Open
NEAR/BEG/2021/EA-OP/0003 Supply of IT Equipment, Software and Ancillary Services for Improvement of Centralised Case Management System (CCMS) in Courts

15/01/2021 09/04/2021 Open

05/08/2020 Forecast
EuropeAid/140433/IH/SUP/RS Procurement of equipment for plant variety testing

19/08/2019 Forecast
EuropeAid/140434/IH/WKS/RS Construction of Gas Interconnector Serbia-Bulgaria on the Serbian territory

19/08/2019 Forecast
EuropeAid/140435/IH/SER/RS Supervision for construction of the Gas Interconnector Serbia-Bulgaria on the Serbian territory

19/08/2019 Forecast
EuropeAid/140437/IH/WKS/RS Construction and upgrading of municipal waste water collection and treatment system in Kraljevo

19/08/2019 Forecast
EuropeAid/140438/IH/WKS/RS Construction of wastewater treatment plants and (re)construction of wastewater collection networks in the cities of Brus and Blace

19/08/2019 Forecast
EuropeAid/140439/IH/SER/RS EU support to reforms in water sector services

19/08/2019 Forecast
EuropeAid/140440/IH/SER/RS Supervision of Construction and upgrading of municipal waste water collection and treatment system in Brus and Blace municipalities

19/08/2019 Forecast
EuropeAid/140441/IH/SER/RS Supervision of municipal wastewater collection and treatment system in Kraljevo

19/08/2019 Forecast
EuropeAid/140442/IH/SUP/RS Supply of equipment for solid waste source separation schemes in 4 regions

19/08/2019 Forecast
EuropeAid/140321/DH/WKS/RS EU for Serbia – Serbian Palace of Justice in Novi Sad

14/06/2019 Forecast
Call for expressions of interest for Grant Scheme Assessors

open until 02/07/2021 Open
EuropeAid/140074/IH/SUP/RS Tube wall system for flood protection

28/01/2019 Forecast
EuropeAid/139983/DH/SER/RS Support to Serbian Regulatory Authority and the Vinča site

27/11/2018 Forecast
EuropeAid/139438/IH/SUP/RS Support to fight against trafficking in human beings

23/01/2018 Open
WB EDIF II Western Balkans Enterprise Development & Innovation Facility II

23/02/2018 31/12/2019 Open
EuropeAid/139330/IH/SER/RS Implementation of Services Directive 2006/123/EC into the Serbian legal framework and establishing of Serbian point of Single Contact

14/11/2017 Forecast
EuropeAid/135826/DH/SUP/RS Supply of mobile equipment for Subotica Regional Waste Management Center (RWMC).

06/05/2014 Forecast
EuropeAid/135815/DH/SUP/RS „Supply of road weather information systems

24/04/2014 Forecast
EuropeAid/134184/C/SER/RS Support to civil service reform

19/03/2013 Forecast
EuropeAid/133966/C/SER/RS Support for further development of e-Government

01/02/2013 Forecast
EuropeAid/133973/C/WKS/RS Construction of the regional waste management centre for Kolubara district – “Kalenic”

31/01/2013 Forecast
EuropeAid/133853/C/SER/RS Institutional Capacity Building and support to Agriculture and Rural Development for IPARD implementation. – Development of a LPIS for farm support mechanisms and rural development programmes.

30/01/2013 Forecast
EuropeAid/133787/C/SUP/RS Development of the capacity to manage the Human Resource system at the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia

16/01/2013 Forecast

30/04/2013 Forecast
EuropeAid/135029/D/SUP/RS Supply of IT and supporting equipment for the project „Joint management of the emergency situations in Caransebes – Juzno-Banatski cross-border area“

11/09/2013 Forecast
EuropeAid/134621/D/SUP/RS Procurement of hydro-mechanical equipment for project: Harmonized activities related to extreme water management events – especially flood, inland inundation and drought

14/06/2013 Forecast
EuropeAid/131698/C/WKS/RS Wastewater Treatment Plant Vrbas-Kula – Sludge Line

12/07/2011 Forecast
EuropeAid/130217/C/SER/RS Removal of the Unexploded Ordinances (UXO) from the Danube River in Serbia

25/06/2010 Forecast