A bicycle ride through the murals of Novi Sad is organised in cooperation with the EU Info Point Novi Sad and the Eko Kurir Cycling Club, and is one of the events that will mark the European Mobility Week 2023 in Novi Sad.

The ride will start at Republic Square on September 19 at 6 p.m., where the gathered citizens, together with the organisers, will go on an educational ride through Novi Sad and have the opportunity to get acquainted with the street art of Novi Sad.

Novi Sad has been painted by many professional and amateur artists in the last few years. The participants of the ride will get to know about fifteen Novi Sad murals and their meanings.

In addition to the Bike ride through the murals of Novi Sad, the EU info point Novi Sad organises other events related to sustainable transport with a focus on cycling, which continues to be one of the main features of Novi Sad year after year, as part of the European Mobility Week.

Every year, from September 16 to 22, European Mobility Week takes place, the European Commission’s flagship campaign to raise awareness of sustainable urban mobility.

During the week, nearly 3,000 cities and municipalities encourage behavioural changes in favour of active mobility, public transport and other clean, intelligent transport solutions by organising awareness-raising activities and events with local stakeholders. In Serbia, seven cities joined the campaign.

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