DATE AND TIME: Friday, 12.11.2021. at 7 PM, 60 minutes
PLACE: Online on  i
DESCRIPTION: Cities are home to more than half of the world’s population, and are particularly vulnerable to climate change, which has a major impact on their functioning, infrastructure, housing, life and human health.

Cities significantly contribute to the emergence of climate change, because urban activities are the main source of greenhouse gas emissions. Estimates suggest that cities are responsible for 75 percent of global CO2 emissions, with transportation and buildings contributing the most.

Adequate urban planning is especially important in adapting to climate change, and it is essential that cities become an integral part of the solution in the fight against climate change, through well planned development and adaptation to future changed climate conditions.

Belgrade is one of the world’s cities that does not make an extremely large contribution to global gas emissions, but it is our largest city and the biggest challenge for practical preparation for adaptation to climate change.

Within the panel discussion, we will find out how citizens’ insights on climate change can affect the current directions of city development, is the cooperation of different actors and decision makers – a utopia or a necessity in future considerations of climate change in cities.

PANELISTS: Panelists:

–        Vladimir Djurdjevic, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade

–        Tanja Adnadjevic, Ph.D, Coordinator, TeRRIFICA project in Serbia

–        Ivan Simic, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urbanism, University of Belgrade

–        Iva Cukic, Ph.D, Founder of the Ministry of Space



–        Tomica Misljenovic, Assistant at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade

ORGANIZATORS: This panel discussion is done in cooperation with project TeRRIFICA.

This webinar is supported by the EU Delegation, and it is part of a series of webinars under the theme: “Climate Action is NOW”.


The International Green Culture Festival GREEN FEST is an event dedicated to ecology and environmental protection, which through film educational, exhibition and activist programs encourages a culture of living in accordance with “green” values.

The Twelfth International Festival of Green Culture “Green Fest” will be held from November 8 from 4 pm to November 15 until 10 pm, in a modified, online edition, under the slogan “CLIMATE ALERT”. This year, all content will be completely free. In accordance with the rights to screen, the viewing of films is limited to 1000 visitors per film, and it is possible to watch them only from Serbia.

All those interested in the environment, ecology, climate change, sustainable development, as well as related topics, will be able to watch a total of 7 feature films and 34 medium and short films.

You can find more information about this year`s festival on Full programme is available here.